During these unpredictable times, it’s always nice to approach some level of “normalcy”. For us, one aspect of said normalcy is our customer relations and the connections we’ve built with our community. Pre-COVID, tours of our shop were a regular occurence that we all enjoyed! These tours were a great way to not only provide insight into the screen printing process, but it also created many ways to include our local community in our everyday business.

In the hopes of maintaining our personal connection with the community, we did a virtual tour of Threadbare with help from the folks at Connected Lane County. This was a great way to not only offer a peek inside of Threadbare during a time when we can’t allow regular walk-ins, but also to offer more transparency into our  production process and the people that make shirt happen!

As the world starts opening back up, we’ll be able to return to the open-nature our shop used to have. In the near future, customers (and curious people right off the street) will be able to tour our shop in-person as they used to, which is really exciting to all of us at Threadbare.

Compared to the behaviors of individual citizens, businesses and corporations play a much larger role in matters of social justice and the state of our environment. For this reason, it’s important that we make changes in our business practices in order to bolster the success of our fellow human beings while also minimizing the damage we cause upon our environment.

The goal of this blog is to help others to be conscious that change is possible, it doesn’t have to break the bank, and it can even (at times) help to save some money while also improving the world we live in.

We understand that it can take a lot of time to rethink and modify business practices to be more sustainable and, in this world, time is money! This is precisely why we’ve made this blog. Hopefully, the information we provide over time can be of some use to another business owner hoping to become more ethically and sustainably minded.