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Threadbare was hatched as an idea at the kitchen table in 2010. The journey from table, to garage to print house has been a wild one for founder Amy Baker. An exploration in the love of screen printing, where art and business intersect in irresistible ways.

Many years later Threadbare continues to be a women-run screen printing studio based in Eugene, Oregon. The business has grown, but the drive to work with a creative passionate team to deliver quality prints to our customers continues to inspire the company.

Threadbare aims to incorporate sustainability where we can. We use water-based inks exclusively and source garments from places with transparent supply chains.

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Threadbare Printing News

‘Hot Off the Press’

Proessional Embroidery in Eugene, Oregon: Promotional Gear

We (Finally) Offer Embroidery

We recently started offering embroidery and want to share a little about the adventure it's been. Thank you for reading!

How Involvement in Social and Environmental Justice Can Improve Business

This post revolves around some of the ways in which Threadbare has contributed to local activism for social and environmental justice. As always, thank you for reading!

Embracing The Unknown

This blog post goes over one of the recent ways we've embraced the unknown and a new service we provide: on-demand, heat pressed customizations. Thank you for reading!

Investing in Your Community 24/7/365

This blog post centers around an essential small business practice: buying local and investing in your community. Thanks for reading!

Implementing a New T-Shirt Recycling Program

We're implementing an exciting new program to recycle our customers' old t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies. Thank you for reading!

Being a Woman-Owned Screen Printing Shop

Today's blog post focuses on the importance of diversity in every industry, especially-so in higher level positions and leadership roles.

Being Community-Focused

Today's blog post focuses on some of the ways we build and maintain our ties with the local community.

Waste Less: Reusing Misprints in Creative Ways

Today we're addressing all the different ways we repurpose our misprinted garments to keep them out of the landfill!

Getting to Know Threadbare: A (Virtual) Tour

This blog post goes over our efforts to create transparency within our business and building/maintaining connections with our local community.


463 Washington St, Eugene, OR 97401

Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

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